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Dr. Hubbard HR and Diversity ROI Blog

This is a Link to Dr. Edward Hubbard's Blogs focused on Diversity ROI and HR ROI analytics, applications, tools and processes. The diversity blog also appears in Diversity Executive Magazine's Blog Section


Dr. Edward Hubbard's Blog 

Dr Edward Hubbard's Blog, Author of more than 40 books and the Best Selling "The Diversity Scorecard", "How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment", "Measureing Diversity Results", "Diversity Training ROI", and many others.


Primary Blog Links:

  • This blog focuses on a wide variety of diversity ROI measurement and analytics applications, processes and formulas which are described in a step-by-step manner to provide knowledge, tools, skill-building and innovative approaches to demonstrating Diversity's strategic value and bottom-line impact.

  • This blog focuses on a wide variety of Human Resource topics, ROI measurements and analytics to provide knowledge, tools, skill-building, and new approaches.

This blog focuses on a key measurement issues and bottom-line impact topics in diversity

This blog focuses on Adding More Business Intelligence to Diversity and Inclustion Metrics


Be sure to review the Archives by Date to view monthly informative Blogs by Dr. Hubbard discussing a variety of strategic HR and Diversity ROI topics and tools.



This blog focuses on the need for Diversity Training Professionals to Learn Core Scientific Training and Development Design Methodologies