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The Diversity Professionals Profile

Build Your Professional Development Plan: Start with a Unique, Competency-based Diversity ROI Professional's Assessment and Take Your Skills to the Next Level!




Diversity professionals and practitioners must position themselves to add quantifiable value to organizational performance. One of the best ways for you to enhance your value to the organization is to take responsibility for your own development. By continually learning and renewing your skills, you will achieve greater versatility, more job satisfaction, and, ultimately, career success and marketability.

The Hubbard Diversity Discipline Frameworktm competency model provides an excellent structure for managing current ROI performance, identifying competency gaps, determining developmental needs, measuring progress, and preparing for the future.

This Self-Assessment will provide competency definitions, a comprehensive report, and key actions to assess your skills against each set of 47 Diversity ROI Profesional competencies. The survey will compare your rated responses in each competency area against professional operating standards that will highlight any gaps and recommend educational and experiential training and development to close any gaps from the standards.

Simply complete the Diversity Professional Competency Profile Registration and Payment link shown below and you will receive the online survey link. The cost of this service is $149.95  Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Diversity Professional Competency Profile Registration Sign-up Today!

This profile will help you assess yourself by rating your current performance in each Hubbard Diversity Discipline Frameworktm competency model area. For competencies rated as “Needs Development,” you can decide which two or three are most important and then meet with your manager to agree on appropriate developmental activities. The Diversity-focused professional and manager must also discuss the competencies rated as strengths and agree on how best to leverage them for the most profound impact on department and business unit goals.

By developing your skills, you will help push the diversity profession to higher levels of expertise, credibility, and respect, enabling practitioners to make a measurable difference in helping their customers, clients, and colleagues in the years ahead.

Earn Six Professional Certifications in Diversity and ROI Measurement

By enrolling in the Hubbard Diversity ROI Institute's Diversity Certification Training, you can achieve certification as a:

§  Certified Diversity Trainer (CDT)

§  Certified Diversity Advisor (CDA)

§  Certified Diversity Performance Consultant/Technologist (CDPC)

§   Certified Diversity Business Partner (CDBP)

§   Certified Diversity Strategist (CDS)

§   Certified Diversity Intervention Specialist (CDIS)

These certification processes are designed to help you build professional skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively improve the performance of your organization with measurable results.

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