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Diversity Certification Workshops



Earn Six Professional Certifications in Diversity ROI - Available ONLY from Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.



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By enrolling, you can achieve certification as a:

  • Certified Diversity Trainer (CDT)
  • Certified Diversity Advisor (CDA)
  • Certified Diversity Performance Consultant/Technologist (CDPC)
  • Certified Diversity Business Partner (CDBP)
  • Certified Diversity Strategist (CDS)
  • Certified Diversity Intervention Specialist (CDIS)


These Certifications can only be obtained from Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.

You can become Level-I up to Level III Certified in the Hubbard Diversity ROI (DROI®)Methodology


 Imagine Your Name:____________, CDA, CDT (with these or other earned credentials after your name)


These certification processes are designed to help you build professional skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively improve the performance of your organization with measurable results. For example:

  • Certified Diversity Advisor (CDA) - Perfect for Diversity Council Members and ERG/BRG Leaders and Members responsible for organizational change and "coaching/advising" the organization through the change process. Participants are taught organizational analysis, coaching and influence skills, ROI Analysis Methods, and more.
  • Certified Diversity Trainer (CDT) - Perfect for Internal Trainers who want to learn professional Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Diversity Training Return on Investment (DTROI) Analysis Methods for any Diversity Training Initiative they create and implement.
  • Certified Diversity Performance Consultant/Technologist (CDPC) - Perfect for those in an "Analyst Role" who need/want the skill set to analyze the Return on Investment impact of any Diversity Initiative they create and implement.
  • Certified Diversity Strategist (CDS) - Perfect for those in a Diversity Leadership Role who must build Diversity Strategic Plans and Change Implementation Strategies that must demonstrate financial and other performance impacts on the organization's bottom-line.
  • Diversity Business Partner (CDBP) Advanced, Senior-level (Level III) Diversity ROI Certification - Perfect for those who need to apply Advanced ROI business and industry knowledge to partner with clients in identifying workplace and business improvement opportunities to leverage differences, similarities and complexities for performance improvement; evaluates possible solutions and recommends solutions that will have a positive impact on performance and business results; gains client agreement and commitment to proposed solutions and collaboratively develops an overall implementation strategy that includes evaluating the ROI impact on business performance; uses appropriate cultural and inclusive interpersonal and coaching styles and other communication methods to build effective long-term relationships with the client; utilizes advanced problem-solving and data analysis and change methods to create measurable differences in the organization's performance.
  • etc.

You Receive an Advanced Analysis Toolkit: Each Certification Level will enable you to leave certified to use a comprehensive toolkit of decision-support, diverse work team analysis, change management assessments, performance models, and other tools that are customized for your specific area of expertise.


Now You Can Earn Professional Certifications in Diversity to Learn Critical Performance Impact and Consulting Skills to Meet the Strategic Business and Return on Investment (ROI) Needs of Your Organization


One of the most challenging issues facing organizations is to place a value on the benefits of diversity. Many diversity professionals and others interested in diversity have asked the following questions:


  • How will we be able to demonstrate that diversity contributes to the organization’s bottom line?
  • How do we show senior executives and others that diversity is a strategic business partner that is aligned and linked to the goals and objectives of the organization?
  • How can we measure, with credibility, the impact of diversity on organizational performance?
  • What strategic diversity processes help an organization excel in the domestic and global marketplace and provide favorable returns to stockholders and stakeholders?

If your organization is like most, you have probably found it challenging to answer these questions.

The Hubbard Diversity Return on Investment (DROI®) methodology, developed by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard, has proven to be an accurate, credible, and feasible approach to addressing the ROI accountability issues for all types of organizations.

The Hubbard Diversity Measurement and Productivity Institute (DM&P) and the Hubbard Diversity ROI Institute offers six types of professional, skill-based, business performance impact certifications for diversity professionals. Each professional certification incorporates the proven Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. diversity return on investment (DROI®) Methodology developed by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard to calculate financial and other contributions of diversity to the organization’s bottom line. These certifications are based upon the Hubbard Diversity Discipline Frameworktm and processes adapted from the Phillips ROI Institutetm.

The training equips you with tools, models, skills, and Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.’s trademark diversity return-on-investment analysis methods for training, advising, and consulting to handle diversity interventions within your organization. The competency-based training and individual development workshops will provide you with the expertise to:

Provide diversity training for your organization that educates employees on diversity and specifically links key diversity business impact drivers to improved organizational performance

·  Diagnose organizational problems and identify strategic interventions utilizing diversity to meet critical customer, operational, and other needs.

·  Increase your knowledge and skill to deliver an organization and industry relevant diversity workshop with proven measurement tools that help you show the diversity training’s contribution to improved job performance and return on investment.

·    Measure, build and enhance the skills and contributions of diverse work teams that add value to the bottom-line

·  Learn skills to conduct individual and organizational Cultural Audit and other assessments to deliver feedback and plan for improved performance

·    Design measurable diversity strategic plans that utilize a credible return on investment methodology highlighting costs and benefits in financial and non-financial terms.

·   Develop and utilize coaching and facilitation skills to handle sensitive Diversity Council and 1:1 employee discussions.

·  Build diversity performance consulting competencies and skills to work with all levels within the organization

·    Learn coaching and consultation processes to create measurable diversity strategic plans and initiatives

·  Utilize a wide range of time-saving diversity planning and implementation tools as well as software tools that demonstrate progress and results.

The methodology has been accepted and used throughout the U.S. and in numerous countries around the world. It is the leading approach for Diversity ROI measurement and accountability.

Facilitated by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard, Certification in the DROI® Methodology provides a hands-on, practical measurement experience. Participants learn how to use the DROI® methodology to measure the contribution of programs, satisfy client needs, enhance program success, and build respect with stakeholders.



Program Flow for Hubbard Diversity Discipline & DROI® Certification Process


What Does Certification Mean?

A commonly asked question focuses on the value of the certification process itself – what does it mean for both the participant and the participant’s employer? From the employer’s perspective, certification provides assurance that the participant is capable of implementing the DROI® methodology and conducting DROI® impact studies. This certification is the only process available to provide the employer with the evidence and assurance about capability in diversity measurement, evaluation and diversity return on investment. This certification is becoming an important credential for selecting, placing, compensating, and promoting employees in diversity measurement assignments. The individuals who possess this unique capability are often in demand, and command higher salaries in the marketplace. Certain jobs have this certification as one of the prerequisites.

From the participant’s perspective, certification is the validation of specific diversity measurement skills and knowledge. The principle advantage of certification is the self-satisfaction and confidence in having prescribed skills necessary to implement the DROI® methodology.

Once you have selected your diversity ROI certification focus area, complete the following steps:



Program Flow for Hubbard Diversity Discipline & DROI® Certification

Level 1

Prerequisite:  None





Program Flow for Hubbard Diversity Discipline & DROI® Certification Process

Level II

Prerequisite:  Completion of Level I







Program Flow for Hubbard Diversity Discipline & DROI® Certification Process

Level III

Prerequisite:  Completion of Levels I and II

  1.  Attend Level III-Diversity Business Partner Certification Workshop


  1. Prework Assignment is to be completed and is required to prepare for the certification workshop level. 
  2. Attend Problem Solving and Data Analysis Workshop  required course for Level III
  3. Attend Internal Consulting and Coaching Skills Workshop required course for Level III
  4. Level III-Practicum skill application required after completion of Level III Diversity Business Partner Certification Workshop
  5. Validation of skill and knowledge acquisition, which enables the participant to become certified in the Diversity Discipline & DROI® methodology. (These are specialized examinations administered for each level of certification.)



Earn Your Diversity Return On Investment (DROI) Certification Credentials Available ONLY from Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., the Founders of the Diversity Analytics and Diversity Measurement Fields.

Call Today 707-481-2268 to Register and for More Information.









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