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Human Resource and Diversity ROI Strategy Implentation Consulting



Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. offers a full range of consulting services in the area of Human Resources, Diversity Return on Investment for Diversity Councils, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Business Reource Groups (BRGs), Diversity Training Initiatives, Specialized Diversity Initiatives, ROI of Cultural Audits, and many other initiatives. A critical part of any Diversity organization's efforts is creating a comprehensive "Diversity Measurement System" that helps you calculate diversity return on investment (DROI). Let Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. help you setup, automate, calculate, track, and report your organization's DROI to demonstrate financial, productivity, and service impact on shareholder value & the bottom-line!

Utilizing state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice diversity measurement processes and techniques,  our Hubbard & Hubbard Diversity Measurement Specialists and your organization will work together to select a strategic business objective area for improvement. We will help you:


  • Link your diversity measures to the organization’s measures and performance factors


  • Implement a multi-step process to evaluate diversity’s impact and contribution.


  • Identify key analysis questions to use to frame and guide a comprehensive diversity measurement study of an important organization or business issue


  • Collect diversity-related data that highlights the contribution of diversity to the organizational bottom-line


  • Use a specific data isolation technique to identify the contribution of diversity to organizational objectives


  • Convert diversity’s contribution to dollars


  • Calculate diversity’s costs and benefits.


  • Report the diversity metrics demonstrating its contribution and return-on-investment.


  • Plan how to track each diversity measure.


The Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Specialist will also identify diversity software measurement tools, standard and customizable surveys you can use, and explain key concepts and techniques such as:

  • The Causal Model of Diversity Climate, Performance and Results
  • The Diversity Contribution Model and Calculation
  • And much more...

to help you demonstrate your organization's diversity return on investment.


"Diversity Certification Programs-Enhance Skills, Build Credibility"

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Internal Diversity Professionals Certification Workshops

"Business Impact Competencies for Internal Diversity Professionals"


Now You Can Learn Critical Internal Diversity Training and Consulting Skills to Meet the Strategic Business Needs of Your Organization

The Hubbard Diversity Measurement and Productivity Institute (DM&P) offers Four types of business impact certifications across six levels of skill-based competencies for internal diversity professionals that incorporate Diversity Return on Investment processes to calculate financial and other contributions to the organization's bottom-line. 

  • Certified Internal Diversity Trainer (with a Diversity Return on Investment Focus)
  • Certified Internal Diversity Consultant (with a Diversity Return on Investment Focus)
    • Certified Internal Diversity Advisor (with a Diversity Return on Investment Focus)
  • Certified Internal Diversity Strategist (with a Diversity Return on Investment Focus)





Want to know how you can enroll today or want more information, Call Us today at 707-481-2268!





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