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Comprehensive Performance Measurement and Management Services for Organizational Excellence

“Turn Your Diversity and Inclusion Data into Insights that Drive Organizational Performance!”

Our team can help you create an entire diversity strategy and diversity council process from “concept to delivery,” as it has for many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies around the world. We can help you measure the diversity ROI impact of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Business Resource Groups (BRGs), diversity training initiatives, specialized diversity initiatives, ROI of cultural audits, and many other initiatives. We have trained hundreds of thousands of employees in the diversity change process and coached numerous organizations through the setup, implementation, and ongoing ROI impact analysis processes for all aspects of their efforts, such as:


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We offer both “Cloud-based” and “Enterprise-Level” Technologies to deliver the power of Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Mertriclink Dashboard Services.


MetricLINK®’ s Philosophy

If You Can’t Measure It,
You Can’t Control It.

If You Can’t Control It,
You Can’t Manage It.

Common Frustrations with Some Performance Measurement Systems include:

  • Irrelevant or misleading information is produced which potentially provokes behavior that undermines the achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Measures that track each dimension of performance in isolation are distorting management’s understanding of how effectively the organization as a whole is performing.
  • Requirements and perspective of customers (internal and external) are not considered
  • Measures are not available in a timely manner for mid-course corrections and remedial actions.

Does your current Diversity Analytics and Measurement System allow you to answer these typical C-Suite questions with ease?

  • What was the “evidence-based” business rationale for selecting your Diversity initiatives and what is the expected Diversity Return on Investment (DROI®) in dollars for the initiatives conducted?
  • What are the Benefits versus Costs in measurable terms for using budget dollars in this manner?
  • What was the actual dollar amount or ROI percentage generated from the Diversity Council or ERG/BRG Training program?
  • Which Diversity Council or ERG/BRG initiatives provided the highest levels of financial Return on Investment (DROI®) and performance impact?
  • Which Diversity Council or ERG/BRG Training programs were the most effective in increasing employee skills, productivity, and abilities?
  • What programs should be continued versus discontinued?
    What ROI-based evidence do you have to support your decision?
  • How has these Diversity Council or ERG/BRG initiatives assisted us in meeting our top strategic business goals and/or agency mission? How are they aligned?
  • How does the Diversity Council or ERG/BRG training we currently deliver help us reduce costs? Increase productivity? Improve quality? What evidence do you have that
    demonstrates this impact?
  • Why was this Diversity Council or ERG/BRG initiative selected as a solution to the stated business problem versus doing something else?
  • Are employees consistently using the skills learned on-the-job?
    How do you know?
  • Should your Diversity Council or ERG/BRG Training Budget be increased, decreased, or stay the same? What evidence do you have that shows us why or why not?
  • Did the Diversity Council or ERG/BRG initiaitve address the organizational problem or opportunity that generated the business need in the first place? What measurable evidence do you have to support this position?

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.'s MetricLINK® can provide answers to all of these questions and much more!

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.'s MetricLINK® Monthly Online Human Capital and Diversity Dashboard (and Scorecard) Analytics Services Can Help You...

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MetricLINK 2

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.'s MetricLINK® Monthly Online Employee Resource Group (ERG) and Business Resource Group (BRG) Dashboard (and Scorecard) Analytics Services Can Help You...

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Effectively Translate the Vision

  • Depicts what is strategic for the organization, thus promoting task significance at all levels.
  • Monitors the corporate-wide indicators by their critical success drivers.
  • Communicates success factors to all departments, workgroups, and individuals.
  • Achieve Alignment of the Organization
  • Visually aligns indicators and displays relationships horizontally and vertically.
  • Involves employees in developing action plans linked to specific indicators.
  • Links day-to-day employees activities to strategic goals.
  • Establishes user privileges and security.

Improve the Data Collection and Communication Process

  • Defines operating parameters & calculation methods for measurements
  • Captures data once and shares it throughout the organization
  • Updates data easily to reflect current performance
  • Accesses information quickly and as often as needed
  • Provide illustrations (graphs, relationship trees, etc…) to assist in communication and data analysis
  • Ensures data integrity

Optimize the Management and Continuous Improvement Process

  • Uncovers opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Collects data and comments from those responsible for improving the process
  • Adapts to change in your action plans as fast as you make them
  • Integrates the relationship between performance and rewards

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Diversity and Human Capital ROI Analytics and Business Intelligence Solution Benefits

  • Drives better ROI performance results for bottom-line impact
  • Coaching and diversity and diversity analytics consulting to help ensure you have the “right mix” of measures
  • Points out what’s missing for improved future planning and cost savings
  • Encoureages good measurement and analytics management for better diversity business intelligence alignment
  • Enhances accuracy and credibility with all stakeholders
  • Quickly plan, implement, and monitor your diversity strategy deployment to show progress and impact
  • Helps you quickly turn strategy into insight and action
  • Communicates the story behind the numbers for enhanced decision making
  • Allows fast adjustments in scorecard target setting in response to changes in performance
  • Integrated projectplanning and monitoring capabilities for improved internal benchmarking.

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