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At Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., we understand that creating a truly inclusive and diverse workplace goes beyond mere rhetoric. It requires strategic planning, expert insights, and a commitment to driving positive change. That’s where our “Done for You” Diversity & Inclusion services come in – providing you with the tools and expertise you need to foster an inclusive culture that unlocks the full potential of your organization. 

Why Choose Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.?

Assessment Surveys– Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. offers a huge selection of inexpensive, easy-to-use:

  • Tailored Solutions for Lasting Impact: We recognize that every organization is unique, and cookie-cutter approaches won’t bring meaningful results. Our team of seasoned Diversity & Inclusion experts will work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and design personalized strategies that drive Diversity ROI Impact and lasting, positive change.
  • Expert-Led Training and Workshops: Our inclusive training programs are led by experienced facilitators who empower your team to embrace diversity, challenge biases, and foster an inclusive environment that celebrates differences.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Make informed decisions with our data analytics services, providing you with valuable insights into your organization’s diversity metrics, pay equity, and more.
  • Comprehensive Assessments and Recommendations: Uncover hidden opportunities for growth and identify areas for improvement with our thorough Diversity & Inclusion assessments. We provide practical recommendations to help you implement effective strategies.
  • Streamlined DEI Policy Review: Ensure your policies align with your diversity and inclusion goals. Our experts will review your current policies and suggest adjustments that promote equality and fairness.
  • Cultural Competence Coaching: Elevate your team’s cultural competence with personalized coaching sessions, fostering better cross-cultural collaboration and understanding.

Develop a Diversity Return on Investment (DROI®) Case Study - Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Diversity ROI Institute Consulting Services

Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.’s Diversity ROI Institute consulting services provide help with assessment, measurement, analytics, and evaluation to individuals and organizations. One of our core offerings is conducting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ROI Impact studies on a variety of projects, interventions and initiatives. Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. provides an independent assessment of a project, measuring reaction, learning, application, impact, ROI, and intangibles. Program effects on improved measures are isolated, and barriers and enablers are identified to reflect how the project can be more successful.

A Hubbard Diversity ROI evaluation study begins with a Needs Analysis and planning how the evaluation data will be collected, analyzed, and reported. The data collection instruments are selected, designed, and implemented. Data are collected, tabulated, and various analyses are performed. Analysis includes isolating the effects of the program on the impact data, converting data to money, and calculating the Diversity ROI. 

The Diversity ROI calculation compares the net program benefits to the program costs. Intangible measures, those measures that cannot be easily and credibly converted to money but are connected to the program, are identified, and captured. We call them S.O.Ss: Stories of Success gained in addition to the quantitative impacts (such as improved collaboration, cooperation, less stress, etc.) The evaluation ends with compiling a comprehensive report that provides the following data categories:

  • The reaction, satisfaction and planned actions as a result of the project;
  • The learning that was necessary to make the project successful;
  • How the participants (users) have made the project successful with their actions;
  • The impact of the project, connecting the project to important measures in the organization;
  • The financial ROI and intangibles linked to the project.
  • The study also includes conclusions and recommendations. Barriers and enablers are identified to show how the project can be more successful. Projects range from studies involving a small group of individuals to large-scale evaluations spanning multiple months or years.

The independent study may be used as an important tool in your organization, sharing the process and its results with your team at every step. Hundreds of organizations have been successful with this process. This is an ideal way to validate the success of a program and gain knowledge about the program and what needs to improve to achieve even greater results. Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. also offers a “Client-Driven Collaboration” option. 

This collaboration can range from your team doing most of the work with Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.’s coaching, advice, and assistance to Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. doing most of the work with your observation and participation. Either way, we can help you complete the evaluation study.

Regardless of the level of collaboration you choose, the outcome is a credible study completed with your participation and involvement.

Benefits of Conducting a Hubbard Diversity ROI Impact Study:

  • The evaluation study, conducted by Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., is an independent assessment of the success of the program, produced with ultimate credibility, using a commonly accepted evaluation system developed by Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.
  • The results can be used to build support, increase influence, and enhance commitment for future programs.
  • By showing an actual Diversity ROI calculation, using the same formula that a chief financial officer would use for capital expenditures, you clearly communicate to the executives that the program is an investment – not a cost – with a return on that investment. Costs are frozen, eliminated, reduced, or otherwise controlled. Real investments are enhanced, maintained, or protected.
  • You can use the results to enhance funding in the future. Executives will support programs that are adding value and have a proven ROI.
  • You will have an excellent process improvement opportunity. There may be various ways to improve your DEI initiatives and interventions. The Hubbard Diversity ROI Methodology will identify what changes are possible and provide an opportunity for process improvement if the program is not working as desired.
  • A Diversity ROI Impact study profiles and recognizes a great achievement for the team. It is important to let team members know that they have a program that is not only significant and important but actually delivers a bottom-line contribution to the organization.

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